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National Stock Exchange of India has always been the first in revolutionizing the securities trading market in India

Being associated with the NSE we have seen the evolution of screen based trading, dematerialization of shares, derivatives trading and a flawless safe trading platform.

 In our constant endeavor to keep up with the times we have put in a lot of impetus on upgrading technology and we offer you trading on the internet on NSE's NOW platform. This is platform wherein you will be directly linked to the NSE mainframe system and not through a broker's system as was the case till now.

Further you can view accounts, contract notes, demat holding etc by  assessing your accounts through our website.

We are pleased to inform you that NSE is the first exchange to have received an in-principle approval from Securities and Exchange Board of India for setting up currency derivative segment.  In today's globalised and integrated business environment, many entities irrespective of the nature of its business are impacted by currency risk either directly or indirectly. Exchange traded currency derivatives market provides excellent opportunity to hedge currency risk for different kinds of participants.

 In India, there is an active OTC market for forwards with an average daily turnover of USD 34 billion. World over, Exchange traded currency derivatives are also available and around 334 million contracts get traded annually. For the first time in India, it would be now possible to trade on the currency futures on an Exchange platform. With electronic trading and efficient risk management systems, Exchange traded currency future is expected to benefit the universe of participants including corporates and individual investors. Banks are also allowed to become members of this segment on the Exchange and this provides them new opportunity in this market segment.